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    [Know More About RendaHardware]

    Renda hardware is established in 2006 and moved to dongguan in 2009. Renda hardware is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and TS16949 certified corporation. We are a professional integrated enterprise that specializes in manufacturing fastners, door hingles, glass clamp, wall spiders and CNC products. It integrates exploitation, design, sales and service into one. We are a young and creative team, with a material drawing plant, a stamping molding plant, a standard fastening pieces plant, a non-standard fastening pieces plant, and a machinery spare parts plant included. There are 180 staffs in the company, some of which are graduated from elite academies and some are seni...

    Key Customers

    • 吉德Jide
    • 香雪海
    • 東寶DOBON
    • 立博音響LIBOO
    • TEC
    • 海信Hisense
    • 容聲Ronshen
    • 美菱MeiLing
    • 博世BOSCH
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